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Akshay Manohar Patil (BCom, FCA, DISA, Registered Valuer - IBBI Asset Class : Securities and Financial Assets)
With the blessings of his father FCA Shri. Manohar Sangappa Patil, Mr. Akshay Manohar Patil became a Chartered Accountant in the year May 2011. He has a vast experience in the field of Project Finance, Internal Audits, Income Tax, Service Tax, Statutory Audits, International Taxation. 

He has worked with clients from various sectors such as Manufacturing, Construction, Consulting, Importers, Exporters, Contractors, Banking, Information Technology, Television Media, Textiles, Hospitals etc. He also specializes in Project Finance and has participated in Takeover and restructuring deals. He has a good knowledge on management consultancy relating to Corporate Budgeting, Internal Control systems, Standered operating Procedures etc.

Recently, Mr. Akshay Patil got his registration as a Valuer U/s 247 of the Companies Act, 2013 and has been hosted as a registered valuer Asset Class - Securities and Financial Assets on the website of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy board of India. Reg. No. IBBI/RV/02/2018/10082, he regularly conducts valuations under the Companies Act, 2013 for listed and non-listed companies.
Mansi Akshay Patil (Bcom, FCA, DISA, LLB)
Mrs. Mansi Patil qualified as a CA in the year May 2011 and joined as a consultant with a reputed firm in Colaba where she worked for Content Management relating to professional websites. Thereafter in 2014 she joined as a partner with M S Patil and Co. and has an indepth knowledge and experience relating to Internal Audits, Statutory audit, Service Tax, Sales Tax and management consultancy. She specializes in matters relating to Companies Act, 2013 and formation and compliance of Limited Liability Partnerships, tax planning for High Net-worth Individuals and Non Residents. She also handles various assignments relating to Bank Audits, representations for Income Tax Assessments, process optimization for Multinational Companies etc.
Associated Professionals :-
Mr. Manohar Sangappa Patil (Bcom, FCA)
After qualifying as a CA in the year 1984, Mr. Manohar Sangappa Patil has an extensive knowledge of over three decades and specializes in various laws relating to Income Tax, Sales Tax, Project Finance, Accounting and Statutory audits. Currently, he is a partner with M/s V. C. Shah and Co. Chartered Accountants, Fort, Mumbai. He is the guide and mentor of the firm and motivates the team to face any type of difficulties. He is a promoter and chairman of a charitable trust and believes in philanthropic activities for the society.

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